#171 Lanturn

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Lanturn, the Light Pokémon. The light that emits from its tentacle-like limb shines bright enough to illuminate the bottom of a deep sea.
– Ash’s Pokedex

I love Lanturn, it’s one of my favourite Pokemon. I love its type combination, which also makes its colours pretty.

My Lanturn is named LANNA, she was given to me by my friend KiaArra. She was the team leader for a while. Calm-natured, with Volt Absorb, she’s quite a tank, with so much HP. Because of her ability and typing, she’s immune to one of Water’s weaknesses, Electric. She has Surf, Discharge, Signal Beam and Blizzard, which cover a wide range of opponents, making her an all-round hitter. She’s also good at double battles if she has the right partner (like Quagsire for example).

2 thoughts on “#171 Lanturn

  1. My Chinchou had also is a level 34 Lanturn( Starbright the Chinchou of course) he is very hard and he can even do double damage power and he is my star. But Krabby is very tough, so when I have Cuttercrab (Krabby)and Starbright in a double battle. Their combo, Guilotine and Spark is totally deadly.

  2. I tend to send it out with either my raichu, or my electrode, because when lanturn’s hp gets low, I hit it with thunder, and it gets all better:P

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