#134 Vaporeon

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Alt version (added Nov 2013):

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Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. The composition of its cells is similar to molecules of water, and as such, can melt in water.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

I love all Eeveelutions, but Vaporeon is another top favourite of mine. Like a typical water type, it has a lot of HP, decent defenses and high Sp. Attack, which makes for a good tank and general sweeper. Appearance-wise, it is rather unique amongst Pokemon.

My Vaporeon is named TSUNAMI. The name comes from the weather phenomenon of course.

She is Modest-natured, with Water Absorb, and EV’d for Speed, Sp. Attack and HP. I trained her for speed because I view Speed as an important stat, I like going first and not have to take a hit I guess. On my Eeveelution team, she is the tank, along with Umbreon. I love how Rain Dance + Hydropump can take out Johto Elite 4 Karen’s Umbreon in HG/SS in one shot.

For this wallpaper, I actually had some trouble positioning Vaporeon. I wanted to show its full body, but just having the fins on its spine and its tail looked strange. In the end, I cropped to just its face, which is quite cute.

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