#79 Slowpoke

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Slowpoke, the Dopey Pokémon. No one can tell when a Slowpoke is thinking, if it ever does think. Its specialty is fishing with its tail.
– Ash’s Pokedex

I don’t particularly like Slowpoke, because of how slow it is, and how dopey it looks. I guess it can look cute if you look at it from the right angle, sort of (though its dopey smile still kinda creeps me out…). It reminds me of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh, or maybe Homer Simpson, haha.

2 thoughts on “#79 Slowpoke

  1. I think you mean:
    “Slowpoke is one of the most awesome Pokemon ever.”

    Plus, keep in mind that they also give rise to one of the most intelligent Pokemon, Slowking. In fact, a Slowking that’s old enough should probably actually be the smartest Pokemon, as whenever it yawns, the Shelder on its head releases more poison, making it more intelligent.

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