#197 Umbreon

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Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon. When an Eevee has had sufficient training and is exposed to moonlight, it evolves into an Umbreon.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Umbreon is another awesome eeveelution. With its high Def and Sp Def, it’s very good as a wall. With the Synchronize ability, it also means that any opponent tries to inflict a status effect will be affected themselves (unless they’re immune to it). This was very useful when I was fighting Lance’s Gyarados, when it tried to Thunder Wave my Umbreon. Appearance-wise, Umbreon is one of the coolest-looking Pokemon. It’s elegant and sleek, and the red eyes and yellow markings give it a mysterious look, fitting of its type. I also like the shiny version, where the yellow marking are blue (I generally dislike shiny colourings, especially for the eeveelutions).

My Umbreon is named KUROI, the Japanese word for “black” (Umbreon is called “Blacky” in Japanese). He is Careful-natured and EV’d for Sp Def, HP and Def. I gave him Leftovers so he can be more of a wall and be annoying to kill.

He has Mean Look, Curse, Baton Pass, and Payback. There were so many moves I wanted on my Umbreon, like Toxic, Confuse Ray, and Moonlight as well. But I chose this set to not only be a wall, but to help Flareon and Leafeon by passing on Curse’s effects. I have Mean Look on him because the Mean Look + Baton Pass combo was fun. Although Mean Look’s effects no longer get Baton Passed in Gen 5, so I might replace that with Toxic or Confuse Ray.

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