#136 Flareon

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Flareon, the Flame Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. It stores some of the air it breathes in its internal flame sac, which heats its body to over three thousand degrees.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

I love eeveelutions, but Flareon…. is kind of a fail of a fire type imo… Appearance-wise, it’s pretty cool-looking, and deserving to be an eeveelution, but its stats and learnset aren’t very good.

For starters, its highest stat is the Attack stat. It is pretty high, base stat of 130. However, most of fire attacks are Special, not Physical. The highest base powered fire Physical attack, Flare Blitz, can’t be learned by Flareon. Its Sp Attack isn’t terrible, but it seems almost not worth it because other fire types have higher Sp Attack stat.

Also, it’s slow, with only 65 Speed base power. Usually Pokemon that are slow have high Def or HP, and be able to take a hit. While Flareon has high Sp Def, it’s unbalanced low Def stat makes it easy to knock out.

My Flareon is named BLAZE (I almost named it “Faileon”, but that’d be too mean). I gave it Bite (I wish it could learn Crunch.. another reason Flareon fails) and Fire Fang (which doesn’t have very high base power, or 100% accuracy); also Quick Attack and Scary Face to make up for its slow speed. I like to use him together with my Umbreon (who uses Curse and Baton Pass the increased Def and Attack to Flareon), or double battle with my Leafeon (who has Sunny day, and can help out Flareon’s weaknesses),

I guess Flareon isn’t a bad Pokemon, it’s just that compared to the other awesome eeveelutions, it could be a lot better.

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