#470 Leafeon

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Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon. Leafeon is always surrounded by fresh clean air because it uses photosynthesis just like a plant.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Leafeon is another cool eeveelution. I’m not usually fond of grass types, but Leafeon is an exception. I like its Speed and pretty good Attack and very good Defense. Appearance-wise, it looks like cat-like and elegant. Its call is very unique.

My Leafeon is named FERN, he is Impish-natured and EV’d for Attack, Speed and Defense. He is an expert at surviving Earthquakes (a lot of my eeveelutions are weak to Earthquake). He has Leaf Blade, Sunny Day, Synthesis, and Quick Attack. I like to use him in double battle with Flareon, by using Sunny Day to increase Flareon’s fire attack, and allow Synthesis to heal more and its ability of Leaf Guard to come into play. He’s a bit of a specialist, because he only has a Grass move and Quick Attack. I might replace Quick Attack with something else one day.

3 thoughts on “#470 Leafeon

  1. replace quick attack with solarbeam!!!!! however leafeon does lack sp attack…. maybe swords dance or bulk up to make its attack and defense even better or u cud have it learn a move that covers its weakness since sunnyday would make your fire type enemies doubly dangerous if they use a fire move.

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