#474 Porygon-Z

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Porygon-Z, the Virtual Pokemon. Its programming was modified to enable it to travel through alien dimensions. Seems there might have been an error…
– HeartGold/SoulSilver Pokedex Entry
(since it did not appear in the anime)

Porygon-Z was requested by Dylan, who gave me the idea for this blog and helped me a lot in these posts.

I personally don’t know this Pokemon all that well. I’ve never had a Porygon or its evolutions in any Pokemon game before, probably because most of the games, Porygons are only available from the Game Corners, and I’ve never really played those much, and I suck at the Voltorb Flip in HG/SS. But looking at its stats and learnset, it is a pretty good Pokemon to have on a team. Maybe one day I’ll get a Porygon from Platinum and raise a Porygon-Z.

For the wallpaper, it was actually kinda hard to figure out which parts to exclude. It looked a bit too abstract without the outlines, so I ended up doing slight outlines for the head and body. Also, the colours on the sprite are brighter than this, but I toned it down slightly, even though it might still be too bright for the desktop…

2 thoughts on “#474 Porygon-Z

  1. porygon-z makes an excellent special sweeper with a sp attk of a whopping 135 which rivals alakazams. it also has great stats all around and has a wide move pool

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