#460 Abomasnow

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Abomasnow, the Frost Tree Pokémon and the evolved form of Snover. Abomasnow appear when snow flowers bloom and return to places unknown when the petals fall.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

I made this wallpaper on Wednesday, in the middle of a blizzard. It’s been snowing all day, so I made Abomasnow, whose ability, Snow Warning, whips up a hailstorm when it comes into the battle.

I’m quite familiar with this Pokemon, due to me cosplaying as Candice, and raising her team. Abomasnow, despite its many weaknesses (7, most in the game), has been useful in double battles (and against a friend’s water team with her Wood Hammer). I use her with Glaceon in the Battle Tower; she whips up a hailstorm, and Glaceon can use Blizzard for 100% accuracy.

Abomasnow’s stats are fairly evenly spread out, ‘cept for Speed; Abomasnow is rather slow, which isn’t good since it has so many weaknesses. But if it does manage to survive, its Attack and Sp. Attack are decent enough to do damage.

Candice’s Platinum team Abomasnow has Avalanche, Wood Hammer, Focus Blast, and Water Pulse, and her rebattle team has Wood Hammer, Avalanche, GrassWhistle and Ingrain. I never use Ingrain though, it doesn’t restore enough HP to be worth using.

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