#341 Corphish

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Corphish, the Ruffian Pokémon. Corphish uses its sharp pincers to capture prey. It can happily live even in very polluted waters.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Everything I know about Corphish comes from the anime, because Ash has a Corphish in AG. Ash’s Corphish is rather strange, it’s quite friendly, though its weird appearance often scares new Pokemon. And the most I remember about it is how it says “Corphish Cor”, “Fish?”, or “Fishcor!”

In the game, I don’t think I’ve ever even encountered a Corphish, much less owned one.

Corphish is funny-looking for sure. This wallpaper was a bit challenging to make, ’cause I originally wanted the background to be red, but that ended up looking weird, so I used the cream colour from his belly for the background instead.

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