#415 Combee

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Combee, the Tiny Bee Pokémon. When sleeping, Combee stack up on each other like a hive.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

When I first saw Combee, I wondered why there’s another bee Pokemon, since we already have Beedrill. It seems a bit unnecessary… but Combee is rather cute, look at those happy faces! I guess they’re based more on bee hives than the bees themselves.

Only the female Combee can evolve into Vespiquen, the males are stuck being Combees forever…

3 thoughts on “#415 Combee

  1. So cute! I am making a W7 theme of your designs. Great stuff! I would buy a few of these if they were in shirt form.

  2. hi! i admire your minimalist wallpapers ❤ so I hope you dont mind that I use them and add some stuff to it, so it fits my phone's theme as a wallpaper ❤

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