#222 Corsola

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Corsola, the Coral Pokémon. A combination of both Water and Rock types. It sheds and regrows the horns on its head numerous times.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Corsola is a pretty cute Pokemon. In the anime, Corsola is seen as both animate and inanimate, in that people build houses on top of Corsola, even though it’s a Pokemon.

However, it seems to me that Corsola is kind of a filler Pokemon, it still doesn’t have any other family members after 5 generations. I would like to see an evolution of Corsola though.

3 thoughts on “#222 Corsola

  1. Love it!
    I really like Corsola although I can’t really use it in the games for its stats are bloody awful so now I get to use it at least as a wall haha

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