#129 Magikarp

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Magikarp, the Fish Pokémon. Magikarp can live in the dirtiest of water. It jumps very well and can evolve into Gyarados.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Magikarp is famous for being a useless Pokemon, being unable to learn any moves by TM or Breeding, and only learning Splash (which does nothing), Tackle, Flail, and Bounce (tutor in Gen IV); but then evolving into Gyarados, which has quite good stats and moveset. Its dopey look matches its status as a pretty useless Pokemon. However, it’s often been used by trainers to Tackle Pokemon with much better stats (such as legendaries) either by hacking, or buffing it up.

In the anime, Team Rocket is often seen travelling around in a Magikarp-shaped submarine. James once got tricked into buying a Magikarp from a swindler, and it’s been a running joke that the same swindler tries to sell him Magikarps every time they meet.

This wallpaper was requested by Xns.

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