#163 Hoothoot

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Hoothoot, the Owl Pokémon. Hoothoot stands on one leg, but uses both its powerful eyes to see clearly even through the darkest night.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Hoothoot is the bird Pokemon of Gen II. Despite of looking like just an owl, its head has a rather unique design. The sprite only has one foot, because it has a tendency to stand on only one foot at all times, and switch feet so quickly that it can’t be seen; although in the anime it’s been seen with both feet while flying. I omitted its foot in the wallpaper because it looks better without it.

Unlike the first normal birds of the other gens (Pidgey/Fearow/Taillow/Starly), Hoothoot and its evolution have higher Sp Attack than Attack. It can also learn many Psychic moves like Extrasensory.

The Togepi from the egg you get in HeartGold/SoulSilver has Extrasensory, so its father must’ve been either Hoothoot or Noctowl.

I like how its Japanese name is “hoho”.

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