#406 Budew

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Budew, the Bud Pokémon. In winter, it keeps its bud closed to survive the cold, but then opens it again in the spring.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Budew is quite cute. It was added as a pre-evolution to Roselia along with the final stage, Roserade, which makes this family unique in that its middle stage came before the first and last stages.

It’s based on a rose bud, and since it’s a baby Pokemon, looks like a baby wrapped in a blanket. According to the anime, the top vines can open up.

1 thought on “#406 Budew

  1. Budew is my amazing favorite 4th gen Grass/Poison type. Not only its the baby form of Roselia, its just Sweety Green! I say it on the movie ” The rise of Darkrai”.

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