#102 Exeggcute

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Exeggcute, an Egg Pokémon. Although it resembles an egg, it is known to be more closely related to the seed of a plant.
– Ash’s Pokedex

It’s Family Day today, so today’s wallpaper is Exeggcute, which looks like a Mafia family. The middle egg looks like the smug boss, with 3 hitmen around, one that looks stupified, and the last one is broken. I wonder how they count as one Pokemon, because in the anime, the individual eggs can come apart.

The Pokemon’s name is supposed to be a pun on “Eggs are cute”, but they look rather ugly. Pokemon are born from eggs, but these Pokemon are eggs itself, hmm….

Exeggcute has one of the worst type combinations defensively, Grass/Psychic has 7 weaknesses, with a double weakness to Bug.

2 thoughts on “#102 Exeggcute

  1. I thought it was a pun on “execute” not eggs are cute. Though I agree with you here. They really really are not.

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