#308 Medicham

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Medicham, the Meditate Pokémon. Through a combination of food deprivation and meditation, Medicham gains the ability to see its opponent’s aura.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Medicham looks weird to me. But its type combination is rather unique, and somewhat helpful; Fighting offsets Psychic’s weaknesses to Dark and Bug, while Psychic offsets Fightings weakness to Psychic, so it’s only weak to Flying and Ghost, 2 fairly uncommon attack types.

Looking at its stats, with only 410 base stat, it doesn’t look very useful. However, its ability, Pure Power (which is its only ability not counting the Dream World in Gen V) doubles its Attack, making its base stat effectively 470.

Also, according to Dawn’s Pokedex entry, food deprivation gives you the ability to see your opponent’s aura. I wouldn’t recommend anyone try it though, I think it only applies to the Pokemon world, where things work in strange ways.

2 thoughts on “#308 Medicham

  1. In my Platinum game I raised a Medicham. It actually had an Attack depreciating nature and wasn’t properly EV trained to optimize stats, but being super-effective to 11 out of the 17 types was great. It had Hi Jump Kick, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch and Recover.

    1. lol, yeah Psychic and Fighting are useful attacking types, and it’s good that Medicham gets STAB from both (and Ice is important attacking type too). I kinda wish my Togekiss got STAB from Aura Sphere XD

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