#101 Electrode

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Electrode, the evolved form of Voltorb. Highly concentrated electric energy causes this Pokémon to explode unpredictably. Also known as the Bomb-ball.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Electrode looks so smug, like he’s saying “haha I’m gonna blow up in your face” (since it can learn Selfdestruct and Explosion). Or maybe it’s happy that it evolved. It looks like an upside-down Pokeball.

Electrode is fast, one of the fastest Pokemon. But it doesn’t learn many good Electric type moves by level-up. It has much more Sp Attack than Attack, yet a lot of the moves it learns are Physical (like Spark, Selfdestruct/Explosion, Gyro Ball); it doesn’t learn Thunderbolt by level-up and can’t learn Discharge at all.

I think Electrode and Voltorb should be part steel, probably due to the way they look, I imagine them to be made of metallic material.

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