#442 Spiritomb

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Spiritomb, the Forbidden Pokémon. As punishment for misdeeds 500 years ago, Spiritomb was sealed in the fissure of an Odd Keystone.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Spiritomb is the second Pokemon (the first being Sableye), that has no weaknesses due to its Dark/Ghost type combination (it’s also immune to 3 types, although only resistant against Poison). Its stats are okay, but it’s pretty slow. It’s better used as a defensive (or annoying) Pokemon, like Karen from Johto Elite 4, her Spiritomb has Curse and Pain Split, which can be quite annoying.

In my opinion, appearance-wise, Spiritomb is quite ugly. Those circles on its “face” look like boils or acne, yuck. Also, the green and purple combination isn’t the greatest, I had some trouble picking the right colours when making this wallpaper.

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