#240 Magby

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Magby, the Live Coal Pokémon. Magby is the pre-evolved form of Magmar. Despite its small size, it is a tough opponent and produces an extremely hot flame.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Magby looks perpetually worried to me, with its brows furrowed all the time. I think the mouth is supposed to be a beak or something, but it looks like its pursing its lips constantly, which makes me wonder if its lips get tired, haha. The “hair” on top of its head is quite amusing, looks like a pretty good afro.

Magby is the only baby Fire type Pokemon. The Magby I have is named “Eggwarmer”. I met him in the Pokewalker, and he keeps my Pokemon eggs warm when I need to hatch eggs, because of his ability, Flame Body, when I have him in my party with the eggs, it also halves the number of steps it takes for an egg to hatch.

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