#251 Celebi

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Celebi, the Time Travel Pokémon. Celebi wanders across time as guardian of the forest. Wherever it appears, trees and grass flourish.
– May’s Pokedex

It’s the last day for the Celebi event, therefore, today’s Pokemon is Celebi. I put up 2 versions because I couldn’t decide which one I like better.

Celebi, being a legendary Pokemon, has very high base stats (600). However, its type combination has one of the most weaknesses, including a 4x weakness to Bug.

Celebi is the star of the 4th movie, and plays an important role in the 13th movie. It’s a cute event legendary, like Mew, Jirachi, and Shaymin. I find it kind of funny-looking; its arms look too long for its body.

2 thoughts on “#251 Celebi

  1. I see that there’re only two wallpapers of Legendary Pokémon. Can you make wallpapers of the Three cats from the Johto Generation? And one of Lugia? 😀 Thanks! 😀

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