#127 Pinsir

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Pinsir. This fearsome Pokémon uses its powerful claws to put the squeeze on its opponents.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Pinsir is a huge bug! It looks angry, and a bit scary, with its mouth open and row of teeth exposed like that. But stats and moveset-wise, it’s pretty awesome. It has lots of Attack, Defense, and Speed. A lot of moves Pinsir learns by level up are Fighting moves, probably because it’s based on a stag beetle used in insect fighting. Which is probably why I often think it’s part Fighting, but no, it’s pure Bug type.

Pinsir is one of the few Gen I Pokemon that still doesn’t have any evolutionary families, though I think it should totally be related to Heracross somehow.

My friend KiaArra has a Pinsir cosplay, so I named mine (which I caught from the Bug catching contest in HG/SS) after her.

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