#13 Weedle

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Weedle. The stinger on this Pokémon’s head guarantees that any attacker will get the point right where it hurts.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Weedle gets the lucky National dex number of 13. I don’t like bugs, especially caterpillars, but Weedle’s face reminds me of a clown, and it’s sort of cute. Sort of. Is it strange that Weedle looks like a caterpillar but evolves into a Bee? Hmm…

Weedle only gets 3 moves (gen IV) by level-up, and cannot learn any HMs or TMs or by breeding. But as one of the first bug Pokemon you meet, it evolves quite early, at level 7. It can be seen as the counterpart to Caterpie.

Weedle is probably made famous by videos of the Weedle sweep, where a Pokemon team buffs up all stats to max, Baton Pass those stats to a Weedle, and have the Weedle take out all of the opponent’s team.

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