#476 Probopass

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Probopass, the Compass Pokémon, and the evolved form of Nosepass. Its body acts as a powerful magnet. It controls three smaller units called Mini-Noses.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Probopass is one of the weirdest Pokemon I think.. It, and its pre-evolved form, are based on a nose (additionally, Probopass has a mustache too, even though 50% are female)… I’ve seen some pretty weird Pokemon, but really, what are they thinking when they made Probopass?!

Anyway, Probopass has a lot of Defense and Sp Defense; plus, its typing of Rock/Steel has a lot of resistances, making it a Defensive wall; however, it is 4x weak to both Fighting and Ground.

It levels up from Nosepass in Mt Coronet, or the Chargestone cave in Black/White, which means it can’t be accessed in HG/SS.

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