#184 Azumarill

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Azumarill, the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon. The evolved form of Marill. This Pokémon uses its large, highly developed ears to hear great distances, even underwater.
– Ash’s Pokedex

I wonder if anyone else finds it funny/weird that Marill is based on a mouse, but Azumarill is based on a rabbit…

Anyway, at first glance, Azumarill doesn’t stand out all that much, it looks like a typical Water Pokemon; lots of HP, not a lot of Speed, and more on the Defensive side than Attacking side. But Azumarill can have some interesting and useful Abilities.

It can have Thick Fat, which reduces the effectiveness of Fire and Ice moves. I don’t think this ability is all that useful on Azumarill, since it’s already resistant to Fire and Ice.

Its other ability, Huge Power though, is more useful. It doubles the Attack stat, meaning Azumarill with this ability would effectively have base 100 Attack, which would make Aqua Tail (90 base power, with STAB) hurt quite a bit. I’m not sure why Azumarill’s family gets this ability though, since I don’t see anything powerful-looking in its design (ie no muscles; it looks more like an egg with ears).

Its Hidden Ability in Gen V is quite useful as well, “Sap Sipper”, which makes Azumarill immune to Grass type moves (which it’s weak to), and raise its Attack if hit by Grass type moves. It’s the only Water type to get this ability. I guess water rabbits also eat grass.

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