#170 Chinchou

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Chinchou, the Angler Pokémon, have the ability to conduct electrical currents from their two tentacles which flow positive from one end and negative to the other. Chinchou can also communicate underwater by flashing its tentacles.
– Ash’s Pokedex

I love Chinchou (and Lanturn), it’s one of my fave Pokemon. I like its typing, Water/electric with Volt Absorb, which nullifies Water’s weakness to Electricity. Though its other ability, Illuminate, is pretty useless.

Chinchou’s eyes have plus signs on them, which I think makes them look blinded, haha.

Like Lanturn, Chinchou has lots of HP, and is quite fast, though its speed doesn’t change when it evolves into Lanturn.

3 thoughts on “#170 Chinchou

  1. In my Soulsliver version, I had a level 23 Chinchou( I called him Starbright) and knows: Take down, Spark, Surf and Confuse Ray.

    Here is my team:

    Quilava, lv 28
    Flaafy,lv 25
    Sudowoodo,lv 27
    Butterfree,lv 20
    Sunkern,lv 26
    and Chinchou, lv 23:)

    Hope you like my team:D

  2. My Chinchou had became my star Pokemon in Soulsliver. 3 times stronger than Quilava. What ever battle with Steel types and Water type gym leader. It just Surf,Bubblebeam and Spark all over the foe.

    1. yeah, I had a Lanturn in HeartGold, and I used it more than my starter. Water/Electric is a good combination, especially since mine had Water Absorb. Will you evolve yours? or keep it as a Chinchou?

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