#620 Mienshao

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It wields the fur on its arms like a whip. Its arms attacks come with such rapidity that they cannot even be seen.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

Mienshao looks like it should be a female-only species, due to its feminine and elegant features. I thought the fur on its arms are its hands, but you can see the paw underneath.

Mienshao is one of the two pure Fighting families with equal gender ratio (the other one is Mankey), every other pure Fighting type are male-only, or mostly male.

Stat-wise, it’s fast and has high Attack and decent Sp Attack, but no defense. It’s a good sweeper, that needs to hit before getting hit. It can learn a variety of moves for good type coverage.

Dylan raised a Mienshao for me. His name is Mien. He’s Jolly, EV’d for Speed and Attack. He has the ability Regenerator, which recovers 1/3 of its HP when switched out, which works nicely with U-Turn. It has Hi Jump Kick, which has its base power raised to 130 in Gen V (and 90 acc), but would take 1/2 of the user’s HP if it misses. So I have Mien hold the Wide Lens to up its accuracy.

My Mien is a physical sweeper, but if you wanted to, you can make it a general sweeper or a Special sweeper too, since it can learn Calm Mind, and Aura Sphere and its Sp Attack is pretty decent.

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