#580 Ducklett

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These bird Pokémon are excellent divers. They swim around in the water eating their favorite food-peat moss.
– Pokemon Black Pokedex

Ducklett is quite cute, its face is somewhat dopey-looking. In the anime, the Duckletts that appeared are mischievous trouble-makers, stealing Ash’s hat, and a Sandile’s black glasses.

In the game, Duckletts can only be found on the bridge from Route 5 to Driftveil. When you hear a flutter of wings, and search for a spot of shadow on the bridge, it could be a wild Ducklett, or an EV Wing (items that give 1 EV in one stat). I like Ducklett’s sound in the game, it sounds like “mee-ba”.

Stat-wise, Ducklett is pretty even, more on the defensive side. It only learns water and flying moves through level-up. It gets the Dreamworld ability of Hydration, which makes it useful on a Rain team, since it can learn Hurricane , which has 100% accuracy in rain (just like Thunder)

2 thoughts on “#580 Ducklett

  1. Can you make one of Totodile? (I love it)I’m dissapointed of the 5th generation. D:

    Until the 2nd they were awesome… there are some of the 4th generation that are great… but. Old ones are better.

    Excelent work! Cheers from Paraguay. 😀

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