#175 Togepi

Happy Easter!

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Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokémon. Happiness is stored in Togepi’s shell, and it shares its happiness with kind-hearted people.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Togepi is probably one of the most annoying Pokemon, due to its anime role. It was in the Kanto series, despite it being a gen II Pokemon. It hatched from an egg, and since it saw Misty first, became her Pokemon. Then it spent nearly its entire time in Misty’s arms.

Appearance-wise, Togepi looks like a broken egg. I wonder if it actually hatches out of an egg, or just breaks the egg (thus its body was once its egg). The lines around its eyes makes it look tired. The shiny Togepi has the blue and red patterns on its body reversed.

In many of the games (GSC, FRLG, Plat, HGSS), the player is given a Togepi egg. The one in HGSS has Extrasensory, which makes it actually useful.

Togepi is the only baby Pokemon that was introduced before its evolution. It evolves by happiness, before it can breed. This, combined with the fact that Togepi has 7:1 male:female ratio, as well as two abilities, makes breeding Togepi rather annoying. It has two abilities, Hustle and Serene Grace; Hustle is completely useless for Togepi (and its evolutions). I can speak from personal experience that it was quite time-consuming to breed Togepi with the right nature and Serene Grace. Why would I want to breed Togepi? ’cause Togekiss is awesome.

One of the moves Togepi is known for is Metronome. While sort of fun to use, it’s not very practical. It usually calls up a status move when I need an attacking move. The worst thing though, is that it once called up Fling, and flung the Exp. Share it was holding >__<

6 thoughts on “#175 Togepi

  1. I also hate togepi, it is soo annoying when you have to breed it. But Togetic looks cute (Not togekiss -.-)

    Happy easter! 😀

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