#6 Charizard

Congrats to Charizard for being IGN’s most popular Pokemon

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And because it looks awesome, the shiny version

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Charizard, the Flame Pokémon. Charizard’s powerful flame can melt absolutely anything.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Today’s wallpaper is Charizard, because it won IGN’s 100 most popular Pokemon, beating out Mewtwo. It’s not surprising, since Charmander is the most popular Kanto starter, and Kanto starters are generally the most popular. It’s also the mascot Pokemon for Red and FireRed. Appearance-wise, it looks awesome. A fire-breathing Dragon-like creature, how cool is that. Its shiny colours also look pretty cool.

I’m happy about the result, because Charizard is one of my personal favourites as well. My first Charizard, Char-kun, was my starter from FireRed (yes I got into Pokemon way late). This was back before I knew anything about EV-training, or know or cared about stats. All I knew was that my Char-kun was fast and could kill fast. It had Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Wing Attack, and.. I forget the last move.

My Charizard in HeartGold is named ~…~, my friend gave him to me and named him. I called him “squiggle-kins”. He had Outrage, Brick Break, Fly, and Flamethrower. Stat-wise, Charizard has lots of Sp Attack and Speed. But it has decent Attack, and a very wide moveset pool (both physical and special), so you can either make it a special sweeper, or a mixed sweeper. Because of its dragon-like appearance, it can learn some Dragon moves as well, and Lance the Dragon trainer has a Charizard as well.

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