#249 Lugia

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Shadow Lugia from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

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It is said to be the guardian of the seas. It is rumored to have been seen on the night of a storm.
– Pokemon Silver Pokedex

Lugia is the mascot Pokemon for Silver, Soulsilver, and Pokemon XD (the shadow Lugia).

Despite its Pokedex entries saying it’s the guardian of the seas, its species as the “Diving Pokemon”, and it being able to learn many water attacks like Hydro Pump, and being the counterpart of Ho-oh the Fire bird, Lugia is not part Water type. I keep on thinking it’s Water/Flying instead of Psychic/Flying though.

Lugia has been featured quite a lot in the anime. It was the star of the 2nd movie, where it calmed the Kanto bird trio. There was also a three-episode arc about a mother Lugia with a baby Lugia. It’s one of the few times that legendaries are featured in the series itself (as opposed to the movies). Also, even though Lugia is genderless and cannot breed, those episodes of the anime seemed to suggest that Lugia can somehow breed. And they also suggest that there are more than one Lugia.

Stat-wise, Lugia has very high Sp Def, Def, and decent Speed, but not as high Attack or Sp Attack.

5 thoughts on “#249 Lugia

  1. There are always differences between the game and the animé. In the animé Pikachu can beat a graveler with thunder… That’s why I prefer the manga. (:

    P.d: you should try making the lugia wallpaper in blue, it would be awesome. (:

  2. I just discovered your site, and it’s pretty awesome. I’m trying to decide on a new wallpaper right now, heh.

    It would be really wicked if you did a wallpaper for Shadow Lugia / XD001.

  3. Hey, so just a favor, you do amazing work. I love it. But could you edit the eyes on the shadow lugia? Because the real shadow lugia has a change made to its eyes that really distinguish it from the original. Just something I would love.

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