#378 Regice

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Regice, the Iceberg Pokémon. Formed in the Ice Age, its body stays at a temperature of -328 degrees and cannot be melted, even by fire.
– May’s Pokedex

Regice is one of the Legendary Golems. Type-wise, I think it’s the least advantageous one, because it’s weak to both Rock and Steel. It looks pretty cool though, nice and sharp edges and smooth surfaces.

Its Pokedex entry is silly. It says it’s -328 degrees, I hope it’s not Celsius, because −273 °C is absolute zero…. If it is in Fahrenheit, then it’s equivalent of 73.15 Kelvin, which is quite close to absolute zero. That Pokemon would be impossible to handle. Also, it says fire cannot melt it, yet it is still weak to fire.

Stat-wise, Regice is very slow, but has a LOT of Sp Def (200 base).

In Emerald, the other two Golems were so easy for me to catch (Regirock took me one Ultra Ball, Registeel took me about 4), but Regice took me forever to catch! I whittled its HP down, paralyzed it, and threw 20 Ultra Balls at it, still wouldn’t get caught. Got frustrated and restarted, did the same thing, 20 Ultra Balls later, still wouldn’t get caught. Restarted again, and this time, caught it 10 Ultra Balls in.

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