#115 Kangaskhan

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Kangaskhan, a Parent Pokémon. Once approaching extinction, they are now protected by law and inhabit the Safari Zone. Approach with extreme caution. The Kangaskhan is a rare Pokémon which raises its children in its pocket. They will attack viciously and without warning if they feel their young are threatened in any way.
– Ash’s Pokedex

All Kangaskhans are female, and it being the Parent Pokemon, makes it appropriate for Mother’s Day. It’s based on a kangaroo who raises her baby in her pouch.

One of the great mysteries of Pokemon is, what is that baby Pokemon in Kangaskhan’s pouch?! Is it another Pokemon? A baby Kangaskhan? Is it part of Kangaskhan? The Pokedex entries seem to suggest that it’s a young Kangaskhan in an adult Kangaskhan’s pouch. But since Kangaskhan doesn’t have any evolutionary relatives yet, it’s not a separate baby Pokemon. It’s not a young Kangaskhan either, since all Kangaskhans are born from the egg with that baby-like Pokemon already in their pouches. In the anime, we clearly see the baby-like Pokemon come out and play with other Pokemon, so it’s not attached to the bigger Kangaskhan. Maybe in 6th gen, we’ll get an explanation, and that baby-like Pokemon will actually be a separate baby Pokemon related to Kangaskhan.

Stat-wise, Kangaskhan has a lot of HP, good Attack and Speed, and decent Defense. Probably due to its Pokedex entries saying how it’s protective of its young, it can learn Outrage.

1 thought on “#115 Kangaskhan

  1. I looked online, and found a theory about Kangaskhan’s baby. It is believed that if a baby Kangaskhan’s mother dies, the baby takes the skull and a bone from the body for protection, then becomes a Cubone. This is ALSO related to a theory of Missing No. (‘M) It says that Marowak was supposed to evolve into Kangaskhan, but the programmers decided against it. Removing the entire Marowak-Kanghaskan evolution code would be time consuming, so they took the code and put it into an empty space, and that code became Missing No. the evil glitch. I just found this online from some people who believe this. It seems logical. Maybe it’s true, or maybe not. We don’t know. It is fun to think about, though!

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