#592 Frillish


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Frillish, the Floating Pokémon. Frillish can constrict its foes using its veil-like tentacles and numb them with poison. It is said to live in dens some five miles below sea level.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Frillish has an unique type combination, Water/Ghost, though I wish it was just Water, since Ghost gives it many weaknesses, particularly weakness to Dark moves like Crunch and Bite. Appearance-wise though, it’s quite cute. It’s one of the few Pokemon with very visible gender differences. I think I like the female one better, it looks like a princess.

Stat-wise, it has high Sp Def and Sp Attack. It can have either Water Absorb, or Cursed Body.

I had a Frillish on my team, she’s now a Jellicent, but her name is Frilla because she was a Frillish.

4 thoughts on “#592 Frillish

  1. In Pokemon White, I had a level 37 female Frillish and her name is Misty, just like the gym leader from Gen 1. She was met at level 25 but she can wipe away lv 30 pokemon. She knows:
    Shadow Ball
    Rain Dance
    Shes like a powerhouse just look at it!
    I used to had a male Frillish named Frilly. Oh, just the good flashback.

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