#293 Whismur

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Whismur, the Whisper Pokémon. Whismur can become so startled by the sound of its own crying, that it will continue to cry until finally falling asleep from exaustion.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Whismur’s eyes are funny, they’re composed of crosses, possibly to represent squinting so much in crying. Whismur’s family is based on sound, so it’s no surprise that a lot of the moves it learns are sound-based (like Roar, Howl, Hyper Voice, Screech etc).

Despite its Pokedex entries stating it cries a lot, it can only learn Fake Tears by breeding, maybe because it’s crying real tears? haha. It also says it can cry as loud as a jetplane… I wouldn’t want to be a Whismur trainer in that case, I think I’ll be deafened. It’s weird that it’s not a baby Pokemon though, because it looks and seems like it should be one.

Stat-wise, it has lots of HP, and more Attacking stats than Defending stats.

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