#44 Gloom

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Gloom, the Weed Pokémon. Gloom gives off a very unpleasant smell. While strong against Water Pokémon, Gloom is weak against Fire and Flying types.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Gloom, as its name suggests, has a gloomy expression on its face. Or maybe it’s just sleeping, with drool coming out of its mouth.

Gloom is the first Pokemon in National dex order to have a branched evolution. It can evolve into Vileplume by Leaf Stone, or Bellossom by Sun Stone. It reminds me of this comic.

Stat-wise, it’s got high Sp Attack, but it’s pretty slow.

3 thoughts on “#44 Gloom

  1. Can you please make a shiny Gloom? I just caught one and I’m so excited. Thank you! I love your work

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