#458 Mantyke

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People organize tours to see this Pokémon frolic and skim the tops of the waves with Remoraid.
– Pokemon Platinum Pokedex

Mantyke is one of the baby Pokemon added in Gen IV, which needs to be bred while holding an incense (If Mantine is bred holding a Wave Incense, the result will be a Mantyke). Its evolution method is unique: it evolves by level-up when there’s a Remoraid in the party. Though the Remoraid isn’t “used up” (ie the two Pokemon don’t combine to form Mantine).

Mantyke has a smiley face pattern on its back, which changes into just swirly eyes when it evolves into Mantine. Mantyke is 1m tall, which is probably the biggest of the baby Pokemon.

Stat-wise, it has a lot of Sp Def, and very low Attack. It can have Swift Swim, which doubles its speed in rain.

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