#416 Vespiquen

Happy Victoria Day!

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Vespiquen, the Beehive Pokémon. Its body is a hive and it raises its offspring with the honey gathered by Combee.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

Vespiquen is kinda creepy-looking if you look at her closely. It’s based on a queen bee, so it’s female-only; the male Combees stay Combees forever. I’m not sure why its name is “Vespiquen” and not “Vespiqueen”, even though the latter would fit the 10-letter name constraint.

Vespiquen has one of the most signature moves: 3. It becomes annoying to kill if you don’t kill it fast, because it will use Defend Order (which ups Def and Sp Def), and Heal Order. Additionally, Attack Order has an increased crit-hit ratio. Though it does have a lot of weaknesses, which makes it easy to kill.

Its ability and Dreamworld ability are the same as Mewtwo’s: Pressure and Unnerve, perhaps because it’s creepy-looking.

Stat-wise, it’s more defensive than offensive.

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