#478 Froslass

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Froslass, the Snow Land Pokémon and an evolved form of Snorunt. It freezes its opponents to temperatures nearly minus sixty degrees.
– Dawn’s Pokedex

I’m cosplaying as Candice today, and I’m carrying a Pokeball with Froslass in it.

Froslass is female-only evolution of Snorunt. It looks like it’s wearing a kimono. No other Pokemon has the same type as Froslass, Ice/Ghost. It’s an alright combination, because even though Ghost brings weaknesses to Ghost and Dark, it also grants immunity to Fighting, which Ice is weak to.

Stat-wise, it’s fast, tied with Gengar for the fastest Ghost Pokemon. It doesn’t have that much defense, but its ability Snow Cloak can sort of help if it’s Hailing. It has equal Attack and Sp Attack, so you can go either way, or use mixed. But most Ice and Ghost type attacks are special.

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