#453 Croagunk

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Croagunk, the Toxic Mouth Pokémon. It lives in swamps and forests where there is very little light. It prefers moist places.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Croagunk has an awesome expression, looks sorta punky, true to its Poison/Fighting type. Its typing is unique to its family. Croagunk can have the ability Dry Skin, which is interesting, because it makes Croagunk immune to Water attacks, but weak to Fire attacks, it also gains HP in rain but loses HP in sunlight, making it useful on a rain team I suppose. Anticipation isn’t all that useful of an ability.

In the anime, Brock has a Croagunk. Whenever Brock goes gaga over a woman, Croagunk would stop him by using Poison Jab on his butt, ouch! And then drag him away while he’s incapacitated.

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