#204 Pineco

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Pineco, the Bagworm Pokémon. Appears calm as it hangs quietly on tree branches, but it will self-destruct at the slightest provocation.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Pineco looks like a pine cone, which is further enforced by its English name. However, instead of being grass type like a pine cone Pokemon should be, Pineco is Bug type. Looking at it closely though, it’s apparently the “Bagworm Pokemon”; so instead of being a pine cone, it’s a bagworm, which looks more like a moth than what Pineco looks like (the later 4th gen addition, Burmy family members look more like bagworms than Pineco does).

Anyway, despite it being bug type, it doesn’t learn that many bug moves. Stat-wise, it’s got lots of Defense, relatively good Attack, and is very slow.

In the anime, Brock had a Pineco which later evolved into Forretress. It liked to use Explosion on him a lot.

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