#12 Butterfree

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Butterfree, the Butterfly Pokémon. Butterfree is the evolved form of Metapod. The scales covering its wings help it to shed water.
– May’s Pokedex

Butterfree is the original (first) butterfly pokemon. It’s somewhat cute, despite me not liking bugs, though I think its face looks closer to Venonat’s than Caterpie or Metapod’s.

In the anime, Ash had a Butterfree, it was evolved from the Caterpie he caught, but he set it free.

Stat-wise, Butterfree doesn’t have very high stats, only 385, despite it being fully evolved. Its best stats are in Sp Attack and Sp Def, with good Speed. Additionally, its typing has a lot of weaknesses, including a double weakness to Rock.

6 thoughts on “#12 Butterfree

      1. Umm… I’m thinking of the one where its body is pink and the other parts are the same colour as a normal one. In other words changing the purple colour to pink.

        I remember in pokemon first season, Ash’s butterfree fell in love with another butterfree which has a pink body.

        Thanks for your trouble

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