#383 Groudon

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Groudon has long been described in mythology as the Pokémon that raised lands and expanded continents. This Pokémon took to sleep after a cataclysmic battle with Kyogre.
– Pokemon Ruby Pokedex

Groudon is the mascot Pokemon for Ruby, and the first Ground type legendary. Despite being Ground type though, it can learn many fire type attacks by level-up. Its ability Drought brings about Sunny weather when it’s sent in, which reduces the power of Water attacks and increases the power of Fire attacks, and allow Solar Beam to hit without charging, all are useful to counter Groudon’s weaknesses to Water, Grass, and Ice. Appearance-wise, Groudon looks like a t-rex, and it is the heaviest Pokemon to date.

Probably because of its colouring, the fact that it has Drought, can learn many fire type attacks, is a counterpart to Kyogre, and is sought after by Team Magma, I keep on thinking Groudon is a Fire type. But I guess it makes sense that it is Ground type because of its role in the legends of expanding continents.

Stat-wise, It has very high Attack (base 150), good Defense, and good Sp Attack, but is relatively slow.

Groudon was a pain to catch in Emerald, because it has Rest. I was using Rayquaza to fight it, which is great defensively, since Air Lock makes Groundon’s Solar Beam to take 2 turns, and it doesn’t have a move that can damage it normally. But it was still annoying. When I fought it, I got it to a point where it started Struggling, and kept on killing itself with Struggle’s recoil. I couldn’t use Thunderwave on it because of its Ground type. So I gave up on it and gave the game to wartjr2373, and he finally caught it today! (after many many many tries)

2 thoughts on “#383 Groudon

  1. I hear you with the Groudon capture pains. My sister played Ruby, and trying to catch Groudon was near impossible.

    It got to the point where Groudon had been paralyzed at really low HP for over an hour, and still wasn’t being caught by Ultra Balls. I don’t remember if we actually had the Master Ball or not, but we were at a point where one Pokémon was left in our party, and we could either take Groudon down, or go down ourselves. So we gave up on catching it and kicked its butt.

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