#130 Gyarados

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Gyarados. This Pokémon has a vicious temperament, so use extreme caution. Its fangs can crush stones and its scales are harder than steel.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Today was my Convocation, so I put up Gyarados, because “Soya Grad” is an anagram of Gyarados, and because Magikarp “graduated” by enduring hardships and evolving into Gyarados, haha. I also included the shiny version, because you can get a Red Gyarados at Lake Rage in the Johto games, the only guaranteed shiny Pokemon you can get.

Gyarados looks angry. It’s the Atrocious Pokemon, and its Pokedex entries state how it’s always raging and destroying stuff. It’s probably angry because it was so ridiculed as a Magikarp, after it evolved and gained power, it can finally unleash that anger. Looking at Gyarados for long makes my jaw hurt though, because its mouth seems to be always open wide, as if its jaws are locked like that. It never really made sense to me how Gyarados is Water/Flying though; it doesn’t have any appendages that seem to be able to enable flight, and it can’t even learn any Flying moves (aside from Bounce that it can learn as a Magikarp). It’s based on a sea serpent or a Chinese dragon, if so, it should be Water/Dragon, which is a much better, and fitting typing (since it can learn Dragon moves at least).

Even though Magikarp is famous for being useless and not able to learn many moves, Gyarados is a pretty good and usable Pokemon. It has good Attack, decent Speed, Defense and HP. It can learn Dragon Dance, which makes it quite annoying to fight if a few of those are set up, especially if you don’t have an Electric type move.

My Gyarados in Pokemon White is named Moxie, because it has the Dreamworld ability Moxie, which raises attack every time it faints a Pokemon by direct contact. Intimidate is a pretty good ability, but Moxie is fun to play with. She’s on my Rain Dance double battle team, paired up with Manectric with Lightningrod (and holding an Air Balloon to avoid Ground moves until it’s hit). So as long as Manectric is on the field and has not had its ability suppressed, Moxie is only weak to Rock. It’s funny how in the Battle Subway the AI opponent loves to try to use Electric type attacks against Moxie, only to have them drawn away by Lightningrod, and the AI does this over and over again, because it figures Gyarados is weak to Electric type attacks. Moxie has Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Ice Fang, and Earthquake, her moveset serves me well.

5 thoughts on “#130 Gyarados

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  2. Well, Water/Dragon would be fitting yet it becomes Water/Dark upon Mega Evolution. Not exactly what people expected but Dark makes sense because it’s such a fearsome and destructive Pokemon. You could even say Gyarados bears a demonic appearence, even more so as Mega Gyarados.

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