#557 Dwebble

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Dwebble, the Rock Inn Pokémon. After finding a suitable rock, Dwebble digs a hole in the rock’s bottom, to use as a protective shell. Dwebble can make rock easier to carve by producing a liquid from its mouth.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Dwebble looks like a hermit crab, it looks a bit similar to Paras. In the anime, we see it with its shell off, and it looks rather naked and strange. One of the main characters, Dent (or Cilan in English), caught a Dwebble. Its Japanese name is “Ishizumai”.

It has a pretty good type combination, Bug/Rock, because Rock cancels out Bug’s weaknesses to Fire and Flying, while Bug cancels out Rock’s weaknesses to Fighting and Grass. It makes Dwebble an annoying opponent, especially since it can have the ability Sturdy.

Stat-wise, it has good Defense, Attack, and surprisingly decent Speed.

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