#626 Bouffalant

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They charge wildly and headbutt everything. Their headbutts have enough destructive force to derail a train.
– Pokemon White Pokedex

When Bouffalant was first revealed, we all thought (and hoped) that it was an evolution of Tauros. I think it should be, but it’s not… it can be both male and female, despite it looking rather masculine with that fro and all.

The champion Alder has a Bouffalant, and I had trouble with it in the beginning. My Togekiss is the only one with a fighting move, Aura Sphere, but it wasn’t enough to take it out in one hit, and his Bouffalant would use Stone Edge on my Togekiss, ouch. So I had to put it to sleep first using Yawn, until I out-leveled him.

Stat-wise, it’s got plenty of Attack, decent Defenses, but is somewhat slow. It can learn some very high base-powered physical attacks like Mega Horn, Head Charge, Thrash and Giga Impact. One of its abilities is Reckless, which boosts recoil-damage attacks by 20%, and Bouffalant can learn both Head Charge and Wild Charge, which makes this ability useful. Its other ability is Sap Sipper, which ups its attack when hit by a grass-type move (and grants immunity to grass type moves), which is also useful. I’m planning on raising a Bouffalant, but haven’t decided on the ability I want to use for it yet.

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