#330 Flygon

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Flygon, the Mystic Pokémon. Flygon is the evolved form of Vibrava. It’s known as the desert spirit because of the song-like voice that eminates from the sandstorms it kicks up.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Flygon is one of my favourite Dragon types. While its stats are not as high as the other pseudo-legendary Dragons like Dragonite, Salamence or Garchomp, it has a good moveset. Even though it has wings, it’s not a flying type, instead it has Levitate to avoid Ground type attacks. Its eyes reminds me of goggles, and its colouration reminds me of a Watermelon.

Strangely, it’s in the Bug egg group, which means it doesn’t have many good STAB egg moves. Its Ground/Dragon typing makes it only weak to Dragon and Ice, though it’s double weak to Ice. But it can learn some fire type attacks like Flamethrower and Fireblast to counter Ice types. Stat-wise, it’s fast and has good Attack.

2 thoughts on “#330 Flygon

  1. thanks for doing flygon it came out awesome!!
    its my fav dragon type, you should check out how i used it 🙂

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