#53 Persian

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Although its fur has many admirers, it is tough to raise as a pet because of its fickle meanness.
– Pokemon Red/Blue Pokedex

Persian is probably best known for being Giovanni’s (the Team Rocket Boss) Pokemon. The Team Rocket Meowth is always jealous of it because the boss likes the Persian more.

Persian is the first fully-evolved cat Pokemon. Despite being named Persian though, the cat looks more like a Siamese, or a cougar. Its sprite makes it look more like a big housecat, while its official art makes it look more like a cougar, I think it’s due to the shape of the face.

Stat-wise, Persian is quite fast. But aside from its Speed, its other stats are rather average, being only around 65. Before Gen IV, Persian could learn Pay Day by level-up, but Gen IV changed it so that only Meowth can learn it; so if a Persian wants to know Pay Day, it needs to wait until it learns it as a Meowth (at level 30) before evolving.

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