#203 Girafarig

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Girafarig, the Long Neck Pokémon. Girafarig has a second head on its tail that bite those who approach it carelessly.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Girafarig is unique in many ways. It’s the only Normal/Psychic type Pokemon, and the first dual-type Normal Pokemon not to be part Flying. It still doesn’t have any evolution families. Its name is a palindrome, both in English and Japanese (the katakana). Normal/Psychic is not too bad a type combination; Psychic cancels out Normal’s only weakness to Fighting, and Normal cancels out Psychic’s weakness to Ghost. Although this means it only has one resistance to Psychic.

The head on its tail is kinda creepy, considering how its Pokedex entries say it has a small brain of its own. I guess the Normal type is the giraffe end, and the Psychic part is the tail head end.

The original design for Girafarig had a full-sized head (ie the tail part is another giraffe facing the other way). It’s strange how in Gen II and III, there was no gender differences, but starting in Gen IV, female Girafarigs have smaller brown parts, and only one yellow spot. Did people just not notice the gender differences before? haha.

Its stats are pretty average, the spread is pretty even, with slightly higher Sp Attack. I think it’d be cool to have an evolution of Girafarig and have it be a Pokemon useful in battle, since its type is pretty good.

4 thoughts on “#203 Girafarig

  1. I don’t know if this is true of all Girafarig, but mine in Soul Silver has very even Skill attributes for the Pokeathlon. It has a minimum of 3 stars in every category (Speed, Jumping, Skill, Power, Stamina) and 4 in a couple of them. Girafarig was my first monster to become a Medallist Pokemon, i.e. to win in all 5 events.

    I’ve also found Stantlers and Tauroses, and indeed Miltanks, all have quite balanced stats for the Pokeathlon too. Voltorbs and Electrodes tend to have amazing Speed and Jumping, making them quite versatile too.

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