#154 Meganium

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Meganium, the Herb Pokémon. Meganium have the ability to fully restore dried up plants and bring them back to life with its breath.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Meganium is the first fully evolved pure Grass starter. It’s based on a dinosaur, and I like the flower on its neck. Perhaps due to the flower, it seems to me like it should be a female-heavy species, but because it’s a starter, it’s 87.5% male.

My friend named her Chikorita “Typhlosion”, so it was funny when “Typhlosion evolved into Meganium”.

Stat-wise, Meganium has better defenses than offenses.

1 thought on “#154 Meganium

  1. It’s cool how Venasaur, Meganium, and Sceptile are all related to dinosaurs and they’re all the evolved form of the three grass starters,(except for torterra and serperior) and I also think Tropius is related to Meganium somehow, the flower on Meganium’s neck must blossom into bannanas!

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