#59 Arcanine

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Arcanine, the Legendary Pokémon. Arcanine runs so smoothly that it appears to be flying and is known for its majestic cry.
– Ash’s Pokedex

Arcanine’s Pokemon species is the “Legendary” Pokemon, despite it not being legendary, or even pseudo-legendary. I think the “Legendary” refers to it being spoken of in stories. Its Pokedex entry also refers to a real place, China.

Arcanine is based on more of a dog, but when I first saw it, it reminded me more of a lion (because of the mane), or a tiger (because of its colouring and stripes).

Its Japanese name is “Windy”, referring to its Pokedex entries of it running fast and smooth like the wind. Though its Speed stat is above average, it’s not among the fastest Pokemon. However, it’s one of the few Pokemon to learn Extreme Speed.

Stat-wise, Arcanine has one of the highest base stat totals (at 555), especially considering it’s not a legendary or pseudo-legendary Pokemon, and that it’s part of a 2-stage evolution. Its highest stat is in Attack, which is good to take advantage of Flare Blitz (though it’s an egg move), and Extreme Speed. Its Sp Attack is not bad either, so it can be a mixed attacker too.

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